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I am looking at Wysong Dog Food Reviews today.  They have dry dog food, raw dog food, canned dog food, and supplements.  They designed for a carniverous diet, and work best when rotated or mixed together.  The dry food, in particular is designed to help all ages and types of dogs.

 The raw food is supposed to be the closest to a natural diet, but it must be kept cold.  They also sell supplements, such as probiotics, omega fatty acids, oral and dental health, mother’s milk for puppies and more.

They also have grooming and care products cleansing, the skin, clean ears, and a product that combats pet odor.  They have a holistic formula in all their products, and, as mentioned above, they are designed to be rotated for your dogs best health.



One is definitely the variety of dog foods mentioned above.  With the dry dog food, they have five different types.  Grain free, regular dry for adults, vegan, senior, and epi dry dog food, which doesn’t have starch in it.  It has brown rice in it, which is much healthier than dry dog food.  It is also made in the United States.  The also have several different flavors to each type of dry dog food. 

The Wysong canned dog food has very high meat levels in it.  The raw foods are processed below 118 degrees F to maintain their integrity.  All types of dog food have lamb, rabbit, chicken, and duck.  The dry food has 15 different types of dog food suited to your dog’s needs.  Some vegetables are included as well, to balance things out.

The canned dog food has eight types of dog food, tailored to your dogs needs.  The raw dog food has 6 different kinds of recipes.  The dry dog food has been around for 30 years, and greatly exceed the minimum nutritional guidelines.  It also includes probiotics, digestive enzymes, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants. The dry food has 27% protein.

Wysong gets a 4.5 out of 5 stars.  The dry food has 27% protein.  It is rich in fiber, and good for dogs that are allergic to a lot of things.

There is 9% protein in the canned dog food, and is 75% water.  It also has grains and berries, that give a good level of fiber.  The canned food gets a 4 out of 5 star rating.

I could find nothing specific regarding the raw dog food, but it is the most natural and closest to the original diet that dogs eat.  All in all, this seems to be a quality food with little negative to be said about it.

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The dry dog food costs $8 to $35 dollars for a 5 lb bag.  Canned dog food costs between $19 and $60 for 12, 13 oz cans.  The canned food is a little low in fats and high in fiber.

In Sum

This dog food is highly nutritious, has a lot of variety, and quality ingredients that is good for your dog.  If you would like to check this product out, click here!





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  1. The varieties that actually accompanies this wysong dog food is the reason that I am actually considering them. Well, I am into the process of adopting a dog and learning about what to be feeding him when I actually got him is the reason I decided to check it out online. this is really cool though and definitely, I like the you for giving the benefits attached to each food. Thumbs up

    • Thank for your comments on Wysong Dog Food.  You are welcome.  I wish you luck on your dog adoption.  Have a nice day!


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