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Walkee Paws sells dog leggings, harnesses and leashes, coats, and masks. The masks are for people. The main thing they promote though are the dog leggings, a waterproof legging that covers your dog’s paws and legs. They cost from $28.99 to $32.99. They are available in sizes from xsmall to xlarge.

The leggings receive good reviews. I didn’t see any reports about people having trouble putting them on their dogs, but I think some dogs will object, until they get used to it anyway.  The paws are water proof, but the legs aren’t.  Make sure you are careful to get the right size, or the leggings will come off.

The leashes are $16.99. Its not stated how long the leashes are. It is available in S, M, and L. The harnesses are $24.99 to $36.99. The first one is available in XS, S, M, L. The second one is available in S, M, L, XL. The raincoat is $24.99, and the fleece heavy jacket is $45.99.

The leggings protect your dog from germs, chemicals, rain, and snow. Otherwise, your dogs paws would be caked with snow, ice, chemicals, and who knows what else. They keep your dogs feet and legs clean and dry. They are tied over the dog’s back, and the bootie covers the dogs whole leg. They stay on better than the traditional bootie. They are not for running, however.

The booties keep you from having to constantly washing the floors, as well. Seems to me to be a product that does what it says, and check them for the other items they sell as well. If you’d like to try booties (dog leggings), harnesses, leashes, coats, (and maybe masks for you?) click here for Walkee Paws!

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4 thoughts on “Walkee Paws”

  1. Its true when they say a dog is man’s best friend. Now when you have your best friend with you, you got to show them some love. Spoil them whenever you can. I like the walkee paws. They look lovely on the dog in the picture. Im sure my dog will object at first but he will get used to them. I ilke that they are water proof. They will keep his paws dry and warm in winter when it rains. Thanks for sharing the dog love.. Cheers

    • Thank you for your comments.  You are right about the best friends.  The Walkee Paws are a great product; I’m glad you like it.  You are welcome.  Have a nice day!

  2. Awesome website indeed and the effort put into creating this article is commendable.

    Me and my partner have been interested in dogs and getting the proper outfit for my pet in the house has been to us a bit of worry. Thanks to website like this that makes work become easier for us. I don’t think i have to keep searching. I love the products they have on display and i will be getting mine soon.

    • Thank you for your comments.  I’m glad you like the website, and will be getting some products there.  Have a great day!


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