Virtual Dog Fence

This virtual dog fence, called the SpotOn Virtual Fence is both a virtual fence and a GPS tracker.  It allows you to set places where you do and don’t want your dog to go,  OnPoint Systems LLC provides training in how to use this fence.  It allows you to set up up to 10 different boundaries you want for your dog, for those that have big yards.

The set up is easy, you just walk the perimeter with the collar.  Instead of using underground wires, it is based on the location of your dog.  The collar is said to be light weight and comfortable for the dog.  You don’t have to dig up the yard, and it adjusts easily if you want to change things.


This is a well engineered product that is well adapted to both large and small dogs.  Its precision is military grade.  There is a direct connection between GPS satellites and the dog collar, making it like a fence.  It also helps to track down a lost dog, using the phone app that is included in the set up.  It is tough under extreme conditions, and it is water resistant.

There is no minimum or maximum size limits when setting up a perimeter, and it is less expensive than the traditional underground wire fences.THE SPOT<span>ON </span> SYSTEM


It requires cell coverage, so it may not work properly if you have spotty cell coverage.  It is high priced compared to other Virtual Dog Fences, $1,495, though the company claims it is better than the other products out there.  It does also have a $7 a month subscription price in addition to the Fence price.  There are a lot of add ons that most people will not use.

There is the option in the system of using an electric shock.  This is a Pro or Con, depending on your views on how to train a dog.  Anything that can block a GPS tracking, like the weather can potentially block the collar.


This product was named the 2019 Product of the Year by the New Hampshire Tech Alliance.  The collar provides a series of audible warnings, with an optional (electric shock) static correction.   If the dog is coming back, they are not zapped on their return to the circle.  If you are against zapping your dog, feel free to use it with just the audible warning, with your choice of reinforcement.  Some say your dog isn’t properly trained if you need to use your tool.

The barrier does follow the dog wherever you go, due to the reliance on GPS tracking.  

Wrap Up

The Spot On Virtual Fence goes right on your dog and not only keeps track of where he is, but it gives you the ability to set up mobile barriers from your phone for your dog.  It doesn’t require an underground wire, it is hard to damage. It is rather expensive, but customers say it seems to work; some using just the audible warnings, and some the electric shock, it is your choice.  It keeps your dog where you want them, that is the bottom line.

If you want to buy this overall quality product, check out the Spot On Virtual Fence here.

I hope you found this review useful.  Feel free to leave comments, I will respond.

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4 thoughts on “Virtual Dog Fence”

  1. Wow! This is the very first time that I will be coming in contact with something like this and I really appreciate you for sharing this post with us all. This virtual dog fence seems a lot like an advancement in technology that can help the dogs security and also create boundaries too for them. Great one and thanks so much for sharing with us

  2. Interesting how technology has developed for pets.  The guidelines seem simple enough for use with the Virtual Dog Fence.  Surely less expensive than installing a fence.  This could be a good way for us to have a pet.  Our property is on top of a granite dome, and digging a post hole for fencing is expensive.  We have considered having a pet, but this has kind of delayed the effort.  

    I have never known anyone with one of these fences, it could be a workable solution.  Have you ever used this kind of fence?  I am only familiar with electric fencing for cattle when moving them about on the ranch.  We haven’t considered an electric fence because there are areas that getting the wire buried deep enough would pose an issue.  

    Thank you for some new information for us, and I know my husband would enjoy a pet as they have been an important part of his life through the years. 

    Virtual Dog Fence

    • I appreciate and thank you for your comments.  Yes, I can imagine under your circumstances that it would hard to dig holes for wires.  I haven’t personally used this fence, but only because I use retractable leashes when I take my dogs out.  The Virtual Dog fence seems to me a good alternative, if you don’t always want to be directly attached to your dog.  You’re welcome, and feel free to make another comment if you have any other questions.


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