Types of Dogs

The types of dogs start with the origins of the dog, which are shrouded in mystery.  They probably started as wolf-like scavengers that hung around for scraps in the Middle East.  Early man may have actually hunted them for food and kept the puppies.  It probably didn’t take long for people to realize that dogs could be helpers for people.

Over time, relationships started to form, and a symbiosis began that persists to this day.  Dogs aren’t the most common pet, but many say they are the most important.  They could be a seeing eye dog, sheep herder or property guard.  However, dogs also soon to have a good psychological effect on the people around them.

Effects on People

Stroking a dog lowers the heart rate and blood pressure.  The presence of a dog can help with healing.  Also, since a dog needs exercise, they also can keep people fit.

On the other hand, some dogs can be dangerous, and transmit disease.  The also require more care and attention than other pets.

Dogs As Hunters

By temperment and physically, dogs originated as carnivorous hunter, and their predatory instincts remain strong.  Dogs are courageous and last well in the field, so people counted in them to help bring people food, either by a single dog, or by a pack.

Depending on the breed, a well-trained hunting dog can spot its quarry from a distance, or track it by scent.  The dog can than track the animal, or even bring it back to a person.  This characteristic is one of the major reasons why many dogs love to play fetch.

Dog’s Noses

Dogs have a well developed sense of smell, much better than our own.  They are sniffers and trackers.  Over the years, they locate the animal that the person is after, sniff out criminals, drugs, explosives, and yes, found truffles.  The most well known tracker is the Bloodhound, but other breeds are just as good, and are widely used by the police and the army.

Fast Runners

Some breeds are very fast, and can actually catch the prey they are after.  The fastest is the Greyhound, which runs over 40 miles per hour.  Other breeds that share this quality are the Saluki, Whippet, Afghan, and Borzoi.

Water Loving Dogs

Many breeds love the water, and swim well.  Some examples are the Golden Retriever, Labrador, Spaniels, Poodles, and the Newfoundland.  Dogs instinctively know how to swim, and many kinds love to swim.

Canine Workers

Over time, people have learned to use dogs in many ways.  Some examples are guards, hunters, war machines, seeing eye dogs, rodent controllers, pulling animals, footwarmers, providers of hair and meat, and of course, good companions.  

Dogs of War

Mastiffs used to be fitted in light armor and carried lethal spikes, and other types of weapons.  Unfortunately, they were often used at one point to carry out missions by the Russians against the Germans, by strapping bombs to them, so they could blow up tanks.

Working Dogs

A dog’s alertness, interest, exuberance, and stamina have always helped with getting jobs done.  Herding and droving dogs love their work, and are used all over the world, working with cattle and sheep, generally in remote areas.  Their great strength and endurance make Huskies good for pulling heavy loads on sleds.

Guide Dogs

Some of the most faithful dogs are guide dogs.  Examples of them are Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepards.   They are used to help blind people get around.  This takes a lot of training.  This is one of the most worthwhile canine jobs out there. 

Canine Companion

There are 138 different breeds are kept in America and Britain.  There are great variations for this type of dog.  Dogs are highly adaptable animals, which haven’t had to evolve much in order to give enjoyment if treated with care and common sense.


Dogs naturally are protective.  They need to guard and keep the family safe, which extends to not just to the dog’s owner, but also their family.  A good watch dog is a very good burglar alarm.  Any size dog can be a watch dog.  Dogs can also be trained as an excellent security guard.  Its smell and hearing help in doing this job.

Man’s Best Friend

Dogs are sociable and enjoy human company.  Dogs require company to be happy.  The elderly and children, with the most free time, can provide this for your canine companion.  The power of the pack is one of a dog’s strongest instincts.  A dog views its human family as part of the fact, whith the head of the family the pack leader.

A dog is interested in human activities, and loves to be at the center of things.  Your dog looks up to you as your greatest fan, with rock hard loyalty.  You respect your dog, and your dog will respect you.  A dog fits even better when he/she is properly trained.

Trail’s End

Dogs have been with us for thousands of years, and for that time, including today, fulfill many needs and purposes in our everyday life.  There are 138 breeds of dogs, any one, even a mixed breed, is well suited to you.  The best breed for you depends on your family’s needs, so choose carefully.

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You and Your Dog by David Taylor

Types of Dogs

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