Rogue Royalty

Rogue Royalty sells collars, dog harnesses, dog jackets, dog leashes, dog training products, weight vests, merchandise, and accessories. They also have shampoos, natural treats, and dog foods.

They are located in Australia, and is a globally operating company. They work on exposing and raising awareness. Rogue Royalty is a distribution company as well most products coming from a trusted and skilled company. The company aims at providing insight into the pet industry areas that lack quality, sustainability, and ethics.

They are known to provide real life solutions to all the problems they encounter. They have quality products that are affordable. They have natural cleansers and healthy skin products used by pets. The treats they have carry no additives. Pest control methods, pesticides, and equipment are all sold by the company.

One customer had this to say about the company “Outstanding customer service, Real quality stuff, Extremely fast delivery, I was genuinely surprised 100% I’ll shop with them again.” Other customers found the collars to be excellent and the staff members working here are friendly. The shampoos were praised as well.

Their rating is 5 star and they have a highly rated customer service rating, as well as great specials. Their leather is of high quality as well, according to customers. Their items have a high quality and a low price. Shipping is quick and easy. The items have no cheap plastic part. They answer their emails quickly as well.

All in all, Rogue Royalty as high quality items at a less expensive price, and they keep a sharp eye on maintaining this level of price and quality, which stay that way, because it is ingrained in the ethics of the company. If you want to check Rogue Royalty out, click here!



2 thoughts on “Rogue Royalty”

  1. Thanks for this review of Rogue Royalty, it really seems like a good brand. The leather looks good on the pictures and I like that they high quality and low price as I don’t want to spend a fortune on our dog but want her to have high quality food, treat, collar etc. As it is a company based in Australia, do you think they deliver to Europe as well? 

    • Thank you for your comments.  Yes they do have good products for a fair price.  My sources say it’s a global company, so they should deliver to Europe.  Have a great day!


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