Redfora For Dogs

Today we are going to be looking at Redfora for dogs. The package comes with a backpack supply that keeps your dog warm, safe and fed during an emergency. The kit has food and water, first aid, shelter, warmth, collar, leash, feeding bowl and other tools.

To be more specific, there are 12 hour emergency bright sticks, a 16-hour body warmer, and emergency survival blanket. There is a 107 piece first aid kit, water/food feeding bowl.

Also there is an extra collar, and reflective leash set, metal stake with 14 ft tie down leash, can opener, dog toys, 50 ft of nylon rope, and 50 pet waste bags. These items come in handy for a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, power outages, and more.

Complete Emergency Kit for Dogs

The bags are surprisingly light, at 10.5 lbs, and the price is $115. If these items were individually purchased, they would cost around $200. There are also survival kits for people.

These items all would come in handy for both your own and your dog’s survival in an emergency, at a reasonable price. If you would like to try out Redfora, click here!

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6 thoughts on “Redfora For Dogs”

  1. I really like this product as it has everything you’ll need to keep your dog safe, warm, and fed in an emergency. It’s smartly-packed in our hiker’s backpack with food and water, first aid, shelter, warmth, collar, leash, feeding bowl and other tools. It’s the bag you need to bring your dog with you in a hurry.  Thanks for sharing this awesome article

    • You’re welcome.  Thank you for your comments.  When I came across it, I thought it was a good product, and comes in handy in times of emergency.  Who knows in times like these? 

  2. Quite interesting to see here. Honestly, I have not come across so much of a better bargain than this. The fact that they offer so many more all in a package makes them really worthy a lot. This Redforra could be perfect to buy for me now and to actually get my dog happy. Good one to see here and I’d  buy this

    • Thank you for your comments.  I’m glad you find this post useful.  I look forward to your dog getting happy.  Have a great day!

  3. Tony, 

    I think you have a great site! I too have had a dog my whole life. You have about 3 years on me but when I was a kid, I had a German Shepard Doberman mix. That dog was always with me for 17 years. Best dog ever!

    I now have three dogs in my house. I have back packs for two of them. I am not sure what I would put in a back pack on a Yorkie so I didn’t get her one. These things are awesome! I really like the idea you have that has an emergency kit all in one. You are right about the cost if you bought the items separately. That’s a good deal! 

    I found a lot of good information on this site. I wanted to mention something I thought about when reading the blog about diarrhea in dogs. You mentioned the use of over the counter products. I have list on the fridge that tells you what you can use and dosages for dogs by weight. It also came with some literature on what they cannot have. You might look that up for some more ideas. 

    Enjoyed the reading!


    • Thank you for your comments and recommendation.  It’s always good for your dogs to be aware for an emergency as well as the people, they are a member of the family, after all.  Have a great day!


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