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Today I am going to be talking about Pupford Academy, a dog training and treat company.  They provide training material related to many types of dog misbehavior, as well as the treats to help train your dog.


The courses are as follows:  Trick Training and trick training 2 provide advanced lessons for your dog. Leash walking to get your dog to be calm.    Enriching activities to help your dog’s mouth develop.  Potty training, to get your dog to stop going in the house.  21 impulse control games to stop bad manners such as begging for food, bursting through doors, jumping on guests, and other misbehaviors.

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Also available are diagnosing and fixing separation anxiety.  Barking control, to curb excess barking.  Recall mastery, to help keep the lessons sticking in your dogs mind.  You can purchase this program by the month, multi-month and lifetime.  There are also PDF downloads of material, as well as letting you know what training is coming soon.

Courses all use positive reinforcement designed by certified trainers and the Pupford team.  They do not use any negative reinforcement, because it is not only humane, but positive reinforcement has been proven to be more effective.  The training methods help you develop a bond with your dogs.

Over 175,000 pups have been trained dealing with 75 tricks and behaviors.  You simply purchase the training, download the app, and the material is ready to use.  It is $5 a month, or $144 for a lifetime purchase, so it is reasonable.  There are treats available to buy as well, to use with the positive enforcement training.  They come in many different flavors.


The treats are rather expensive, $9.99 for a 4 oz bag, and $18.99 for 8 oz bag.  If you want a cheaper product, buy their combo treat packs, you get a number of different treats that are cheaper than buying the single bag, though it is still a bit high.  The site is a little difficult to navigate.


Pupford focuses on quality training, and assistance in riding your dog of bad behaviors, using different forms of positive reinforcement training.  They also provide treats for the training sessions, or if you prefer, you can use your own treats.

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  1. Sounds like a great training package but I would definitely want to use my own treats. I like that it is all positive reinforcement as I don’t believe negative works for anyone.  Are there any videos or is it just pdfs? Do you recommend this training over other training courses?

    • Thank you for your comments.  Don’t blame you on the treats, they are quite pricey.  Positive reinforcement always.  The site itself doesn’t have videos, but if you check YouTube on Pupford Academy, you will find a couple of videos.  Of the courses I have seen before, I recommend it the most.  This is the first for me to review; I didn’t find any worthy of a review until this training course.   Have a good night!


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