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Today we are looking at Pet Plate Reviews.  It has no rendered meats or by products, just fresh meat.  There are no artificial colors, or flavors.  This product also has fruits and veggies in it.  Pet Plate is kettle cooked and flash frozen.  Their batches are tested and formulated by a veterinary nutritionist.  

It’s made for all stages of life, and has a lot of vitamins and minerals.  It’s shipped on a regular basis.  Pet Plate also has a customized option that is based on the number of calories they have.  The company also makes the claim that your dog will find it testy, and are letting us know it’s also very healthy.  It has beef, chicken, lamb, and turkey.  You fill out a questionaire before you move on to the purchase.

A bowl of PetPlate


It has 9.2 out of 10 or 4.4, 4.6or 4.7 out of 5 on the five star based ratings. There are only human grade materials in this food.   It has all natural ingredients, four meat options, or four different protein options, created with a vet, and can be designed based on your pets calorie needs.  It is also in sealed packaging.  It is microwave friendly, has great customer service, and free shipping.

It is sealed in a regular plastic container, not a bag.  It is made in the USA.  There is also a money back guarantee, and free shipping.  Their dogs like Pet Plate, and it helps resolve digestive issues. The customization in the meal plans includes age, weight, ideal weight, breed, and activity level.  You get a $50 credit for a referral, and all packaging is recycleable.

A dog with his head in a box of Pet Plate


Pet Plate is rather expensive, you can’t customize delivery, and the website is difficult to navigate.  They also take quite a bit of fridge space.  It costs $20 to $35 a week.  There are some additives, but they’re listed on the label for you to read.  The customization of the meal plan doesn’t take into consideration health problems.

Bottom Line

Pet Plate has good ratings, is healthy, and has a variety of 4 flavors.  It is a bit expensive, but dogs seem to find it healthy.  It has been found that it’s good for digestive issues.  If you would like your dog to try Pet Plate, click here!


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  1. Hello Anthony, thanks for bringing this no my notice. I have just adopted a dog and I really don’t have full knowledge of what is safe for her to eat and what not to eat coupled with the fact that my kids are still small and wouldn’t mind giving her sweets, lol. I love the idea of pet plates and knowing the nutrition is well organized is a great plus for me. When making a customized plate, can you tell them how small your dog is so they can advise you on what she could eat?

    • Hello Bella.  Thank you for your comments.  Pet Plates is a healthy food to eat.  A little sugar is ok, lol.  Yes, they ask for the breed of your dog, so that will give them the size to take into consideration which food is best for your dog.


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