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Paleo Pet Goods is a store that sells pet food and supplies online. They state they are committed to the health of dogs. They have a multitude of dog supplies, dog foods (raw, fresh, frozen, freeze-dried, dry kibble, etc.) They have dog foods and feeders, all different kinds of dog treats, dog toys, dog wellness (including CBD), dog cleaning and potty, grooming supplies, leashes and collars, ID tags, and dog owner gifts.


One customer had a review on Fromm’s no grain dry dog food, stated that after one day on this diet, her pet’s skin issues were 75% resolved the next day. There are products for flea bite allergies that were good. They have Steve’s Real freeze-dried raw in the lamu mix, along with some CBD bites and a joint and muscle elixir that worked well for the customer.

Another customer purchased Skout Honor de skunking spray and a de skunking shampoo. It got rid of the smell, and gave the dog smooth, soft fur. The people that work for the company are friendly and helpful. Paleo Pet Goods also has raw foods, for those interested in uncooked foods, as well as healthy dry kibble.


The only con I noticed was that it’s a bit difficult to find stuff on the website page. Also, the positive reviews seemed to be mostly from visiting the brick and mortar store in Texas.  Unfortunately, there was no video on Paleo Pets, none that actually talked about this business anyway.

Summing It Up

Paleo Pet Goods has a wide variety of products, and customers seemed to all rave about it. There may be a bit of a challenge in finding what you want, but, all in all, this business is good for purchasing a variety of goods that will fit your dogs needs (and cats too, if you have them). If you are interested in products from Paleo Pet Goods, click here!


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2 thoughts on “Pet Food and Supplies Online”

  1. Hi Tony! Any feedback about shipment? Do they ship anywhere in the US? I am a bit concerned about the quality of delivered products if shipment takes a while and food is uncooked (I had previous experiences whereby what I got was not good quality and the distributor claimed that it was due to long shipment and inappropriate storage). My dog has a sensitive stomach and he develops funny reactions to anything which is not of best quality. Thanks!

    • Thank you for your comments.  Upon further research, I noted that their online business is coming soon.  I’m sorry about that.  They’re taking orders though, so “soon” seems to be pretty soon.  There is no info yet on how long their shipping is, but I sent an email to them, asking that exact question.  I don’t blame you, the raw food does have kept cold.  I would definitely want the best quality myself.


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