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In this post I’m going to be talking about Ollie dog foods and Ollie reviews.  They advertise that they have a dog food for every age, activity level, weight etc.  Each batch is personalized for your dog.  They say the product is a human grade dog food.  I guess that means we should eat it, lol.  They send 1% of their profit to help rescue dogs.  They are home delivered to your door.  They have to be frozen or refrigerated to stay fresh.Labrador Eating from Dog Bowl


One complement made about the food is that it helps improve intestinal problems that were probably the result of a bad food.  It also seems to be good for fussy dogs that don’t like regular dry kibble, or the muck you see coming out of many commercial dog foods.  It is also relatively cheap for what you get. They still do deliver high quality kibble though, for those that don’t want to move from the traditional dog food mode.

It also has good nutritional content to rival that of people food.  The fact that it is home delivered is also considered a plus.  It has fewer ingredients, and the ones the do have are more nutritious.  The way the food is packaged makes it take up less room in your refrigerator.


One customer says it got moldy very easily and made her dog sick.  She didn’t say whether or not she kept it in the refrigerator or the freezer.  Also, be careful when ordering that you make it clear how long you want to keep getting the product, as Ollie renews the plan, unless otherwise told.golden retriever eating dog food from metal bowl


This food has more protein and fat, and less carbohydrates than the typical dog food.  You may have to watch how much Ollie food you feed your pet though, due to it’s higher level of fat.  It has turkey, chicken, beef, lamb, and eggs in it.  It has no bone meal or any other type of meal.

It does have legumes in it though, which isn’t necessarily good for dogs. It has potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash and pumpkin, which are very good for dogs.  It has small amounts of rice in it as well.  It has a lot of human type foods in it, such as blueberry, kale, etc.  Keep in mind though, that it is primarily protein and fat, and less carbohydrates, which are good for a dog.  It is also very good for finicky dogs.  Ollie can also be used to supplement your dog’s regular food.

Summing It Up

Overall, Ollie is a very good pet food product.  Just make sure you keep it fresh or freezer to keep it from spoiling.  It’s tasty, has high quality ingredients.  It’s nutritious, and most pets seem to love it.  I recommend ordering Ollie today!

I hope you food this post informative.  Please feel free to make comments, I will respond to them.




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4 thoughts on “Ollie Reviews”

  1. Thank you fro sharing this honest review about Ollie dog foods. I liked that you mentioned this about being careful to store in refrigerator or freezer to avoid it becoming moldy.

    It’s also nice to read what the company does with 1% of their profit. An example that many companies should follow (I believe).

    • Thank you for your reply about Ollie dog foods.  Yes, you do have to be careful to keep it cold, it’s like the food we eat in that way as well.  It’s good that they’re generous.  More companies should follow Ollie’s example.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  2. We’ve been feeding our dog bagged dry food. He does sit and stare at it a lot! I think Ollie might be the answer to his fussiness concerning his food. Is this wet food better for dogs than the dry food?  We seldom feed our dog any table scraps except pieces of banana. I think he would like this food. Do you feed less of it than a dry dog food? 

    Can you still feed the dry with this, too? I understand that Ollie also has a dry version. Is it as good as the wet version?

    Thanks. I look forward to trying this food out on my dog to see if he likes it.

    • Thank you for your comments.  Ollie is for the fussy dog.  Ollie is better than the dry food out there, it is more like a person’s food without the fattening side effects.  I think you might be able to give less of it than dry food, it is more nutritious.  Yes, you can mix it with his dry food, it’ll help it last longer if you want to do that.  They focused on the wet food, but the dry would still be good.  I hope, he likes it.  Feel free to ask me if you have any more questions.


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