No Spill Dog Bowls

Today I am looking at no spill dog bowls sold at Pet Weighter.  It prevents food and water from spilling out of your dog’s bowl.  You fill the base with sand or water, then attach the dog bowl to the bottom.  The weight of the locked in base keeps all food and water in place, and this prevents spills.  


It prevents spills of water, which preserves the water in your dog’s dish.  It also ends having to mop up spilled water.  It holds two liters of water, which makes it so you don’t have to fill it up so often.  It costs $19.99 to $24.99, so it’s reasonable.  You don’t have to bend over as far either.  

The bowls don’t get pushed all over the floor either, so there won’t be the noise, the spillage, or damage to your floor.  If your dog is disabled, or has trouble moving, this bowl will make your dog more healthy while drinking and eating.  No more of your dog chasing after the bowl.


I haven’t found any cons in my research, so I’d give this product a 5 star rating.

Wrapping It Up

This dish by Pet Weighter is a good way to keep your dog’s dish from moving around, and for various reasons mentioned above, it is a good thing.  If you’d like to buy this bowl, click here!


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2 thoughts on “No Spill Dog Bowls”

  1. Ha! I am convinced on the thought of no mop of spilled water after my pup would be drinking out of. Have you had any experience with the bottom half being filled with water to help the weight at the bottom? I also have a kitty, so maybe some cat litter will do the trick!

    • Thank you for your comments.  Yup, you can use water, cat litter too, anything that’s heavy.  Have a good night!


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