Nature’s Mace

Today, I’m going to be talking about Nature’s Mace, in particular, dog mace.  It’s to keep your dog from whatever you don’t want your dog getting into.

Dog Mace is pet, plant, and child friendly.  It’s the solution for the most bothersome dogs that need some training when it comes to boundaries.  It’s both a repellent and an effective training aid.  This product has double the standard amount of repellent, which makes them stronger and more effective.

Their product is easy to use, and works immediately.  It’s guaranteed humane protection, or your money back.  It is the same product used by animal control specialists.  They first found out what compounds deterred dogs and combined them to make an extremely effective product.  It is the most aggressive dog repellent on the market.

Dog Mace works after the first application.  It is available in a variety of sizes and has a money back guarantee.  It provides a minty scent, which dogs don’t like, but doesn’t bother people, and it lasts all season.  There’s no hassle, no mess, and it’s easy to use.  It is 100% biodegradeable.  It is made in the USA.

Dog Mace will not come off due to normal rain, snow, or watering.  You can use it in the home and garage, lawn, garden, landscapes, crawl space, out buildings, apartment building, hotel/motel, office space, and child care facilities.  Depending on what you get, the prices range from $19.97 to $99.97.

If you would like to try out Nature’s Mace (Dog Mace) click here!

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2 thoughts on “Nature’s Mace”

  1. This is the first time that such a product has been brought to my attention. But it would seem to be a valuable and useful training product which is gauranteed as to be a humane protection from a dog who may sometime overstep boundaries. 

    Should you wish to deter or repel a dog for whatever reason then this would appear to be the perfect product.

    • Thank you for your comments.  I thought the same as you when I came across this company.  The guarantee is a good thing too. Have a great day!


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