Today, I am looking at reviews for mypetdmv.  They make ideas that look like a driver’s license for your dog.  It comes in two different sized, wallet size, and 3 key chain size.  It costs $19.95, and another $9.95 for each additional dog.  You design it online in 5 minutes, and have it printed within 24 hours.  The smaller one you can put directly on your pet.


They are eco friendly, have a good product guarantee, good customer support, offers contact info, has a social media presence, and offers free shipping.   The shipping is also fast and it’s an easy website to work with.  It is inexpensive.  They do help keep your pet safe in case they get lost, so that’s an invaluable plus.  You can get a “driver’s license” for all 50 states and Canadian territories.


Front has an option for a blue background, but you have to pay for each one and the customer wasn’t informed of that.  The back of the “driver’s license” has an advertisement on the back, instead of being more like a driver’s license.   It takes a lot of time for the product to get to you.  It only allows the picture for your dog, they crop you out if you’re in it.  Their money back guarantee often isn’t honored. 

Some say it’s overpriced, and bad customer support, so I guess it depends on the individual.

Wrapping Up

A lot seems to depend on the individual, some were glowing about mypet dmv, and some said their experience was horrible.  I’ll leave a link to check mypetdmv, and you can judge for yourself.  They averaged 3 out of 5 stars.

6 thoughts on “mypetdmv”

  1. I think the idea is actually a good one as it’s a great way to have information about your dog in case they get lost. I don’t know how well this company is in terms of service, but I think I would try it out once if I had a dog.

    Did you buy one of these yet or do you think you might buy one in the future?

    • Thank you for your comments.  Yes, I was a little shaky about recommending them, so I left it to the reader.  Some people had a good experience and some had a bad one.  It does help if your dog ever got lost though.

  2. I am a pet lover. Have a rottweiler so i am in for anything that will help me bond with my dog. Having a Pet ID Tags that Includes (1) Wallet and (3) Keychain is not a bad one. I will definitely use it and also recommend it to my fellow dog lovers. Thank you for sharing with us

    • You are welcome.  I love Rottweilers, I used to have one.  The MyPetDmv also helps if your pet gets lost.  You are welcome, I was happy to do this.

  3. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve ordered mine. Never received it. Contacted them, messed it up by thinking I’m somebody else. Then when I told them it, they said they have to have their manager look into it. I’m getting very irritated.

    • Thank you for your comments.  Yeah, that’s why I pointed out it gets 3 stars overall.  They’re very slow.  Sorry about your wait.   That is longer even than the average they take.


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