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Today I’m going to do a check on Lost My Doggie Reviews.  Their product starts with you filling out a form, giving Lost My Doggie info about your lost pet, and open a free account.  To put out more information about your dog, there are different packages to chose from.  

One of the things you get with Lost My Doggie, is the Lost and Found section.  It works a lot like putting an ad in the newspaper, except you get a lot more coverage from this company than a newspaper does.  Emails and faxes can be sent out to neighbors, animal shelters, vets, etc.  They also put posters online and many dogs are found that way.  The Lost and Found sections are connected, so you can cross reference and find your dog that way.Dog Tag


Simply said, the plus side is that this company does what it says it does.  It has found about 115,000 lost dogs, many who would never have been found if not for this service. Their flyers, mailings, faxes, connection to vets, shelters, and neighbors all assist greatly in reunited people’s lost pets to them.

It is also quick and easy to do, which is a big help considering that Lost My Doggie serves many frantic, anxious customers.  In more cases than not, the missing dogs are found within hours.


One customer stated that they did not get the address of her nearest 100 neighbors, and was disatisfied for that reason.  Another critical comment was that they don’t find your pet until you pay.  Another stated that it was confusing dealing with the company, and she couldn’t find her pet.  Others say they don’t help as much as they say they do and take credit for it.  

Bottom Line

More people had good things to say about Lost My Doggie than bad things.  Honestly, I get the impression the positives are those the service helped had positive reviews, and those that didn’t find their dogs had negative reviews for Lost My Doggie.  If you have had the unfortunate luck to lose your dog (or cat) check this site for help.Stray,lost,stray,black





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  1. This is a very good thing, having to be rest assured a bit that if by mistake your pet gets missing, there’s a company that can help you find it, it’s such a relief. I’ve read through this article and I think the positive side of this offer is by far much compared to the reviews that came negative, it’s normal to pay for service rendered. I like this Lost My Doggie company and I think it’s a good idea.

    • Thank you for your comments.  Yes, Lost My Doggie is one of those programs you hope you don’t ever need, but it’s there if you do.  I agree with everything you said in your comments.  Thanks again, and have a good day.


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