Large Dog Toys, Toys (and a couple of other things) To Avoid

Large Dog Toys

There are large dog toys that you should never use.  The majority of toys in this article are harmful to all dogs, not just large dogs.  It also includes of common organic things you should not let your dog eat.  These are toys that could harm or kill your dog. This is not a complete, comprehensive list, but does include some of the potentially harmful toys that you should look out for.


Dogs love sticks, they chew them, break them apart, and even eat them. But they should never be used as a toy for any dog, never mind a large dog. They can get slivers stuck in their throats, stomach, or even get lodged in their windpipes. So please resist the urge to pick a stick up and start tossing it to your dog.

Small Balls and Other Small Toys

Many large dogs are not picky about what they put their mouths, but keep them from any small balls or other small toys. Number one, your dog will probably rip it apart in no time flat. You now have to spend more constantly to keep your pet supplied. More importantly, both the pieces and the whole toys can be swallowed, or even chewed on, causing grave injury, or even death.


Bones are very bad ideas for food or a toy. As soon as your dog starts breaking it apart, it goes down in splinters, which could perforate your dog’s stomach or intestines. As with the other toys mentioned here, it can also be choked on.

Pig Ears

They can cause vomiting and diarrhea, due to the high fat content, They can also cause a dog to choke, or get lodged in your dogs stomach and intestines. Some experts actually recommend them. There might be a financial interest in it for them, they just may be misguided because they see how much their dogs love them, which many do.

Plush toys

This type of toy may not be as harmful for dogs, but you are wasting your money. It is not a large dog toy. Rather, they are designed for small dogs who won’t be able to pull them apart in an instant, like your large dog can. Plush toys can also cause stomach upset.

Nyla Bones

This is a toy that you will see often recommended for your large dog. I disagree. Nyla bones are essentially rubber, and therefore is not edible. A large dog will be able to chew off pieces and swallow them. The nyla bone pieces may get swallowed. There is no way to digest them. They could be caught in your dogs stomachs and intestines, causing stomach discomfort at the very least.

Tennis Balls

This is the worst of all, except maybe sticks. First of all, either they whole ball, or the shredded pieces of the ball, create a risk of being choked on. They can also get choked on the fuzz on the outside of the tennis ball as well.The fuzz on the tennis balls can also wear down a dogs teeth.

Stuffed Animals

These toys are bad for two reasons, they can be torn apart and cause your dog to choke, possible to death. It can also cause and intestinal blockage because is not something your dog to digest.

Squeaky toys

No dog, especially puppies should play with these. The way these items are made involve small parts that can be choked on.  So, unless you closely observe your dog, which probably not practical, do not use this kind of toys.

Tug Ropes

All the tugging could be harmful to your dog’s teeth. Especially if there is another dog tugging at the other end. Also, if you try to take the rope from the dog, there is a risk of choking. Also, pieces can become dislodged and end up in your dog’s intestines.


Ingesting any rawhide is very harmful for your dog. It is made out of leather and many toxic chemicals, such as formaldehyde, ethoxyquin, arsenic or other potentially harmful compounds.

Painted Toys

If it looks like paint, it probably is. It can be chewed or swallowed. Also, sometimes, they can contain lead, especially if it is made in China.

Cow Hooves

These can cause damage to your dog’s teeth or even injure your dog’s jaw.

Laser Toys

These may seem harmless, because just a moving light that a dog can get good exercise from. The problem is your dog may start chasing any kind of shifting light, like the light from moving cars, or any light that moves around. This could result in not only your dog developing OCD behavior, but it can actually be deadly, like if your dog decides to chase those dog toys.

Inedible Items in the House to Look Out For

Dog-proof your home by removing string, ribbon, rubber bands, children’s toys, pantyhose and other inedible items that could be swallowed.


Most dogs eat grass. It is generally believed not to be harmful, but it’s not healthy either. However, if you spraying any kind of chemical, do not let your dog eat any grass anywhere near where have sprayed or placed any herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizer.


It is true that usually eating dirt for a valid reason, such as a bad diet. Though it can be a good diagnostic tool, it should not be eaten, due to toxic substances found in most dirt. Also, intestinal parasites called nematodes, or round worm can be found in dirt. You will have to be vigilant, because dogs who it dirt due it compulsively, usually when you are not watching them.

Large Dog Toys-What Is Fun Isn’t Always Healthy

Above, I’ve reviewed some of the types of toys that are not good for large dogs, most aren’t good for any dogs at all. By staying away from the things above, you are safeguarding your dog’s health and well being. It seems pretty basic to me now, but I used to use the above toys for my large dogs. I’ve learned better since, over time, and I felt it would be helpful to let you know about some of the bad toys. Let me know if this article helped you out at all, I welcome the feedback.

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