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Today I am going to be looking at KetoNatural Pet Foods. Their position is that your dog wasn’t meant to eat carbs. Canines are healthiest when they eat a low amount of carbs.



Only 5% of their kibble is made of carbs, and it contains 46% protein. 90% of the protein comes from meat or fish. There is 90% fewer carbs, with more animal protein, and 30 day money back guarantee. It is delivered to your door, and you can make a plan, so that your pet will get his/her food on schedule when they need more. It burns fat, instead of storing it. Optimizes blood sugar levels.

It builds strong lean muscles, and reduces itching and inflammation. They claim it has even better nutrition than raw dog food. There’s no byproducts or artificial flavors. There is little or no plant material in it, and nothing that has high carbs. It’s good for the skin and fur. It has a 4.9 out of 5 stars. KetoNatural slows down cancer due to a low carb content.


Owner feeding her dog kibble.

Ketonatural is good for weight loss, again because of the low carb amounts. It’s also good to help control diabetes. Also, good for allergies and energy levels. It is also overall nutritionally complete.



The only con I can find is it that neither site I looked at gave a price for the product. So, it is probably on the expensive side.

Summing Up

I have only good things to say about Ketonatural Pet Foods. It is good all around for health, high on protein, low on carbs, good on ratings, and even delays cancer. Only possible con is the price, which is not revealed. If you want to order some of this great dog kibble, click here!


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  1. Awesome article. Short and sweet 🙂 

    One question, since you are I would say an expert in this field. What do you think about veggie products for cats and dogs? 
    Since I quit eating meat, I am thinking is it fair to make your pet not consume it as well? I mean if there are veggie products but with good nutrition why not?


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