Holden and Hay

Today, I am going to talk about dog beds and blankets by Holden and Hay. They are a company that has both products for people and for dogs. Both the bed and blankets are filled with denim, which is hand stuffed, soft, quiet, washable, recycled; the denim is shredded, which provides your dog with comfort so he doesn’t toss and turn. As a matter of fact, even a person wouldn’t toss and turn.


They use premium Italian Merino wool blend on the outside. Wool is naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, thermo-regulating, flame retardant and proven to increase sleep. The denim is made from material that would otherwise be thrown in a landfill.

The blankets have a swaddling effect that helps regulate moods and promote sleep by increasing serotonin and melatonin. The beds are equally comfortable, and help produce quality sleep, both the wool on the outside and the denim on the inside. The beds and blankets also have designs that match the decor of your home.  If you would like to order a bed or a blanket, please click here!

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  1. Our dog has more pillows and blankets that all of our family put together, but somehow we are always looking for one that will be more comfortable or make her more content.  You article offers a much more organic blanket than what we have purchased previously.  I am going to do a little more reading.  Maybe this one could replace the 8 or 10 we have spread all over the house.

    • Thank you for your comments.  There’s never enough for our dogs, lol.  Yes, do your research, our dogs count on us to do the very best for them.  Have a great day!


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