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Today, we are going to have a Heed Foods Review.  It’s touted as having meat as the primary ingredient and has 20% more protein than other dog foods, as well as flax seed and blueberries.  It is good for a dog’s stomach. with thyme, chicory root, and kelp.  These probiotics are natural, and therefore, they survive the cooking process.

There are freeze dried toppers to further enhance taste.  The bags are small, and 99% sourced from the U.S. and Europe.



This food is designed and shown to improve stomach conditions, as well as improved fur, skin, diahrrhea, constipation.  It results in less stinky stools as well.  It does not use protein fillers like soy and peas, it all comes from the meat.  It is made from chicken and salmon, which is not only good for your dog, it’s good for the environment.

It has natural probiotics that are plant based, so they survive the cooking process, unlike other dog foods.  They yeast extract, hickory root, organic acids, kelp, and sunflower licithin.  These are good for the stomach and small intestines health, which also translates into better immune function.

Every batch of food is tested in the US according to the highest quality standards in dog food.


The one con is the price.  It costs just over $30 for a 5 lb bag, and $60 for a 10 lb bag.  So you simply have to weigh the price against your dogs stomach health.  Quality pet foods like this always cost more.


This dry dog food is good for the stomach, small intestines, coat, skin, and the immune system, among other things.  The one draw back is the cost, so you may want to purchase if your dogs for the betterment of their health.  Still, if you want to help prevent problems in the first place, then Heed Dog food would be a good choice.  To buy Heed Foods dog kibble, feel free to click here!

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2 thoughts on “Heed Foods Review”

  1. This is an interesting find.  I have found that when it comes to price, most pet owners are more than willing to pay more than average for their fur kids. 

    It is nice that they add some flax and berries, but then I still feel that any dog food no matter how good , is like us eating processed food.  They will live healthier and longer if they consume raw meat like their ancestors. 

    • Thank you for your comments.  You are right about the price of food and our fur kids.  I have written about some raw food too, for those, like yourself, who prefer that.  Have a good night!


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