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Today I am going to be reviewing the Furbo Dog Camera. This camera allows you to communicate with your dog, as well as seeing what your dog is doing. It provides a 160 degree angle and rests on the floor with a sticker on the back to keep it in place. It is of a fashionable design for those concerned with how it looks.

You can dispense treats to your pet, and the container holds a good amount of treats, which enhances your interaction with your dog. It works whether you have WiFi. They take pictures of your dog as well, and provides a 60-90 second overview of what your dog does for the day.

Furbo Pet Camera

The Furbo dog camera also sends you an alert when your dogs bark. It can also tell the difference between a person and a dog, and it takes a picture whenever your dog faces the camera when they are close by. It can be run on app with blue tooth and WiFi. The picture is of 1080 resolution quality.

It also records and lets you know when your dog is doing something like jumping on furniture or chewing on an electric cord. It also lets you see when a person is coming into view. It has a built in microphone and speakers. It has a 9.3 out of 10 rating overall.


The audio is not quite as good as the video. The dog alert mode doesn’t turn off automatically when you’re home. Some customers are not happy with the subscription service. You can get premium, but many people don’t think it’s worth it for the extra money. Some people say that there’re occasional lags in the video.

Sometimes the treat dispenser pushes up to 4 to 5 treats each time. Sometimes it won’t toss treats or transmit video. You need a good wi fi connection for it to work well. Other noises can trigger the bark detector. Furbo is most often used best with small to medium dogs.


The key thing to focus on is the 9.2, which indicates it rates as high quality product with some bad experiences here and there. It lets you keep track of and talk to your dog, and dispense treats. There is a slight problem with the audio, and you need a good wi fi connection. If you would like to try the Furbo Dog Camera, please click here!

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2 thoughts on “Furbo Dog Camera”

  1. I just love the fact that the technology that will let us communicate with our pets has come a long way. Even though that we know that they sleep most of the time we are not there but the camera is like an assurance for us when we leave the house. That is awesome that we can dispense treat through a camera. Thanks for the Furbo review

    • Thank you for your comments.  They do provide a measure of security.  You are welcome.  I loved the treat feature too.  I hope you have a good night!


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