Foods Dangerous For Dogs

Today, I am going to discuss foods dangerous for dogs. Some of them are toxic, and some simply unhealthy.


Chocolate in large doses is toxic to dogs, and can cause tremors and heart arrythmias. But chocolate in any dose, even a single Oreo cookie, is junk food and not healthy for dogs.


Macadamia Nuts

As little as an ounce or two of macadamia nuts can cause temporary paralysis in dogs.

Macadamia Nut

Tomatoes and Tomato Plants

These contain atropine, which can cause dilated pupils, tremors, and heart arrythmias.


Onions and Garlic

Eating large amounts of them can case hemolytic anemia.

Onions & Garlics


Grapes and Raisins

For unknown reasons, eating grapes or raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs.

Dried raisins

Any Food That Has Mold On It Or Is Even Slightly Spoiled

Dogs can get severe food poisoning from moldy or spoiled food. The consequences can include persistent vomiting, diarrhea, or even shock or death. Remember, any food that’s not fresh enough for you to eat isn’t fresh enough for your dog either.

Grape Tomatoes on Dark Photo Files Spoiled Rotting

Raw Meat, Raw Bones, and Cooked Bones

Some vets advocate feeding these to dogs, but others say don’t, because they can make dogs sick.


Cookies, Cake, Ice Cream, and Candy

These have zero nutritional value, make dogs fat, and may make them vomit or have diarrhea.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Sugarless Gum, Candy, Desserts, or Toothpaste Sweetened With Xylital

Even small amounts of xylitol can cause hypoglycemia, seizures, or liver disease in dogs.

toothpaste,cut out,blue,white color

Fried, Greasy, or Fatty Foods

High fat foods can trigger pancreatitis in dogs.

Beef burger over white

Beer or Other Alcoholic Beverages

Giving alcohol to dogs is bad for a dog’s organs.


Corncobs, Peach Pits, Apple Cores, and The Like

Never underestimate a dog’s ability to swallow things whole and have them get stuck somewhere in the digestive tract.


Foods Safe For Most Dogs

-Cooked lean meat, fish, and eggs.


-Raw or cooked vegetables and fruits other than those on the “dangerous” list above. But remember that not all dogs can tolerate all fruits and vegetables, so eliminate any that give your dog an upset stomach.


-Rice and other cooked grains.

Rice! 1

-Plain low fat yogurt.

Ice Cream Cone

-Small amounts of bread. But remember that bread carries carbohydrates and very little else, so it’s not a particularly healthful addition to a dog’s diet.



The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook by Betsy Brevitz, D.V.M.


2 thoughts on “Foods Dangerous For Dogs”

  1. This is a very informative list of foods that are dangerous for dogs to eat. The only food, if you can chocolate food, that I was aware of that one should never give to your dog, is yes chocolate. 

    I did learn about the dangers of xylitol to dogs when I was staying my sister and their dog got hold of some cake, which contained xylitol as the sweetener. The dog ended up having an epileptic fit, was rushed to the vet, and after several days it was established that is was xylitol poisoning. Thankfully the dog pulled through after treatment, but it highlighted to me how important it was to watch what your dogs are eating.

    • Thanks for your comments.  There are a couple of items here that I didn’t know of before.  Little by little, I find more things that are bad for dogs.  It’s starting to get me paranoid about giving my dogs anything but their food.  Have a great day!


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