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Today, we are reviewing the Doggy Swag company Inkopius.  They sell both dog and cat products, but as a dog person, I will focus on the dog aspect of the company.  They sell primarily women’s shirts and tanks, as well as unisex hoodies, sweat shirts, and coffee mugs.  You can pick any of these items with one of the many breeds of dogs they have on the site.  They also sell digitally drawn portraits of your own pet. Dog,dog,setter,irlandes


The shirts are relatively inexpensive at 20 something a piece.  The mugs are $20.  The price of portraits is $100-$200.  I am impressed by the number of breeds they have available on this site. A couple reviews on the mugs stated that the mugs were cute and of high quality.

The women’s V neck shirts were rated as a 4.7.  Some good comments were that they are cute and comfortable.  The hoodies have a great design to them, have thumb holes, and small pockets perfect for carrying a cell phone.  These were also rated as comfortable and received a 5 star rating.

The totems carry bag receives a 5 star rating.  They are strong, can carry lots of groceries, and are cute to boot.  It is also big and washable, and very pretty.  The mugs were rated 5 star as well, pretty, and still good after a lot of use and washings.  The 20 ounce tumbler received a 4.6 rating.  Most customers loved it.

The decal stickers rated as 5 star.  They are cute, long lasting, and resistant to water.  The metal mugs received a 5 star rating, and, like most everything else, can come with a picture of your dog on both sides.


The shirts tend to be on the small side, so order on the large side for yourself.  One customer stated that the paint was peeling off the tumbler.  There are no reviews available, other than the companies reviews, and many of the items don’t have any any ratings.  There was no clothing for guys, and overall the style is primarily for women.  This could be a good thing too, though, depending your perspective.DOGS,dogs,cachorro,amigo

Summing It Up

All the items here are rated from a 4.6-5 in the ratings on the site.  They have a wide range of designer clothing, mugs, stickers, etc.  I have given a rating for all the products I could find with ratings, but some you will have to judge for yourself.  Almost all the reviews though were good, so it seems like the quality of items on this site is good, as far as I can tell.  For getting quality “swag” items at a fairly good price, check it out here!


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  1. You have given a really good review of the products available here at doggy swag and they do seem like a pretty reliable company especially for women clothing.

    The hoodies sound quite nice and maybe the mugs might take a nice gift for someone, can you have a photo of your choice printed on the clothing and the mugs say of your own dog?

    • Thank you for your comments.  I know they have the pictures of your dog on the mugs, I’m honestly not sure if they do on the clothing.  They are an interactive company though, just go on the site and ask them.


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