Dog Supplements For Health

Today, I will be evaluating dog supplements for health and reviewing Ruff Hero supplements. These supplements have a number of healthy ingredients for your dog. They are glucosamine, probiotics, pumpkin, turmeric, fish oil, phytoplankton, cranberry, and coconut oil.



Glucosamine-For joints, hips, and mobility.

Probiotics-Helpful bacteria for a healthy stomach.

Pumpkin-For anal gland health. Many dogs get this problem, and it can cause major problems if not dealt with quickly.

Turmeric-Has anti-inflammatory properties, supports the cardiovascular system, and contains potent antioxidants.

Phytoplankton-It gives your dog more energy, has anti-inflammatory properties, supports the immune system, and provides for skin improvement.

Cranberry-For urinary tract health, and for urinary tract infections.

Coconut oil-This has healthy triglycerides, weight loss, dietary issues, cognitive function, and anti-bacterial.

It also provides the beneficial effects provided by protein, calcium, and Vitamins E, B, and D3. In addition, Ruff Hero supports kidney function, heart health, and digestive wellness. It has 400% more glucosamine than other products; made from organic products in a tasty chicken flavor.

It is made in the USA, no fillers, and they have an FDA approved facility. Also there is fast, easy shipping and returns.



It is $34.95 a container, but if you add two more jars, those are only $24.98.


These supplements have a host of healthy effects mentioned above and they are test, and give fast easy shipping and easy returns. If you would like to try this Ruff Hero, click here!

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2 thoughts on “Dog Supplements For Health”

  1. Gee, the ingredients in that dog food look like they would be fine for people, too.  No, I’m not going to start eating dog food, but I do think the ingredients include a lot of really beneficial things.  Have you had any reports on how dogs like the taste?  If they will eat it willingly,what’s not to like?  

    It’s important for us to remember that our pets deserve to have their health protected, as well as our own.  If this dog food with it’s great list of ingredients can help, hopefully many people will start using it for their pet.  Thanks for the helpful information.

    • Thank you for your comments.  Yes, it is tasty.  Well, not for me, but, you know, lol.  What we give our dogs is an indicator of how much we love them.  You are welcome!  Have a great day!


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