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Today I am looking Dog DNA Tests by Embark Vets.  It costs $149, the one that just tests for breeds is $129 and they test for 350 breed types and 200,000 genetic markers.  You can find out not only what breeds your dog has in him, but any possible health conditions are associated with their DNA (there are 170 health risks to look out for).


Staff veterinarians and customer service reps are there to answer any questions they have.  It tests for a 100 times more than other organizations, as stated above. There tests are not good for only curiosity, but also allows you to avoid medical allergies and watch out for health conditions. 

You simply swab your dogs cheek, put in it the pouch, and send it out.  You can select how much information you want, depending on your interest.  You can always ask more than what type of dog they are mostly, and get percentages, and get just “clear of health risks” to a more detailed report.  It doesn’t seem to change the price.

The fun part of the test is the breed break down; i.e. how much your dog is of what breed, and what that means.  It also tests for 20 different traits. The tests are easy to understand, and break down the disease types that can be found and if your dog has any of them in their breeds. They make a family tree all the way back to the great grandparents.  

You can also check if there is genetic diversity (as well as inbreeding).  You can also take a health and wellness quiz that can help out with results.


There don’t seem to be any downsides that I can find for this product.

Wrapping It Up

This seems to be an excellent product, straight forward, and gives a lot of cool results.  If you like the looks of Embark Vets, click here!

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  1. I always wanted to do one of these, but for one of my cats.  It’s suspected he has something unique in his ancestor.  But it’s crazy how difficult the cat DNA test is from the dog DNA test.  You can’t usually get breed specifics, exactly.  You get regions and breed types with the cat DNA tests.  Like 10% exotic (meaning Bengal) or 80% Western Domestic (American shorthair, British short hair).  I wonder why the dog test is SO much more valuable of information than the cat version?  Maybe because dogs have been domesticated for over 40,000 years and cats only 10,000?  I don’t know.  But it’s a mystery.  It’s interesting to see that the dog DNA test is much more comprehensive.  I’ll have to get one for my mom.  It might actually be useful.

    • Thank you for your comments.  Yes, the dog test is quite comprehensive.  They’ve never bothered to do much for cats.  I am sure they could probably do more, we need more people to ask for it!  I’m glad so thoughtful about your mom!  Have a great day.


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