Dog Crates

Dog Crates

People look at dog crates and think of a cage, or a jail.  But for most dogs, they see it as their sanctuary, a please that they feel safe, as long as the crate isn’t used as negative reinforcement for doing something wrong.  It can always as a place to potty train your dog; dogs don’t generally like making messes in their own place.  Make sure you get a crate that is the right size for your dog, not too big and not too small.

A crate is also a safer place to be when you’re travelling. When you travel places, a crate gives your dog a place to feel safe, and keeps them from bothering your host.  They should have plenty of room to move around in, but not so big that he runs around in it, possibly harming your pet. It also keeps your dog from damaging the house.  Just make sure that you crate train with positive reinforcement, like a treat.

Crate Training Your Pet

Always engage in crate training when your dog is in a calm frame of mind, not an excited one.  If your dog goes in there hyper, it will come out of there hyper.  Also, start off with crate training in short periods, say 10 minutes.  Your dog will actually most likely be more comfortable and better trained if he is put in a crate without any bedding.

Soft Mesh CratesDog in Pet Carrier

Soft sided mesh crates are the best for travelling, and are portable.  They are foldable and very light.  They also tend to be the most comfortable ones.  But as mentioned if your dog likes to chew or scratch, he could destroy or damage the crate.  They also don’t last as long and are hard to clean.

Plastic CratesPet Carrier Isolated

They are more durable than mesh crates, and they last longer.  Also, they offer more privacy than a wire crate.  They are also generally easier to clean.  They tend to keep hyper dogs more calm, and can be taken aboard airplanes. 

However, they don’t fold, and are harder to carry around.  They don’t hold odors easily, but after awhile they do tend to smell like dogs.

Metal/Wire Cratesdog laying down in a crate

Metal crates are well ventilated.  They are also very hard to destroy, but are difficult to carry around.  Many metal crates are foldable, which is convenient.  They are easy to clean, and they have 360 degree visibility, so it’s easier for your dog to see what’s going on.

For reactive dogs, this is a bad option.  They are also quite heavy and prone to rust.  They also can be easy for your dog to escape if they are really smart.

Wooden Crates

They are fashionable and blend more into your house.  They make a very good stationary crate, and are more comfortable than all, except maybe the mesh crate.  They do tend to be hard to clean, and it’s possible for your dog to chew on.  They can be more expensive, but I personally like them better.

Summing It Up

There are many types of crates, and as seen as above, you have to take into account all the pluses and minuses stated above.  I have been looking at these wooden crates though, and they are sturdy, well built, and a good choice for a permanent in place, stable place for your pet to go.  You can find these cool crates here!

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2 thoughts on “Dog Crates”

  1. Hi Onlydogtoys.  I have something to say about dog training especially when it pertains to dog crates.  

    I have heard about training dogs using cages to keep them from peeing indoors as well as keeping them from chewing carpet and furniture.  I am a lover of dogs and currently have 3 mini dachshunds.  

    Personally I don’t cage my dogs because I have heard it can cause them to be more rambunctious when not in the kennel.

    I don’t disagree with kennel training because each owner and dog are different.  I honestly love the wood crates because it would be a cool addition to my decor and gives me a place to put the dog if they are acting up.  

    • Thank you for comment.  Truthfully, I used crates mainly for potty training, or bad misbehavior.  I don’t like to use them, but there’s a market for it.  Those wood crates are kinda cool, aren’t they?  I’m following you now, if you don’t mind, feel free to follow me as well.


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