Dog Blankets and Portraits

Today I am looking at dog blankets and portraits, done by Woof Blankets. The process is you take a picture of your dog and then upload it and it goes onto a blanket or portrait, and then comes back to you. Of course, you get the choice of what product you want to purchase with the image on it. You also approve the artwork before it goes on the product of your choice.


There are 130 reviews. 125 of them received a 5 star rating, and 5 gave a four star rating. None rated below a 4. Some customers commented that the portrait was of high quality, and the blanket was super soft and of high quality. Some commented on the quick delivery and great graphics.

Another loved the portrait that was done of their dog and would get more their. Another noted the quick response, precise production, and fast shipping! The blankets are $50-$66, and the portraits are $49.


None that I can find.

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2 thoughts on “Dog Blankets and Portraits”

  1. A dog sure is man’s best friend. When you have a friend you must give it some love. This is a brilliant idea to put your dogs picture onto a frame or blanket. From the customer comments the pictures must of the highest quality. I am going to try this one out for the blanket so my little pooch can keep warm whilst looking at his own face. Thank you for sharing

    • Thank you for your comments.  I thought it was cool too, glad you’re going to try it out.  Yw.  Have a great day!


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