Diggs is a company that sells crates and crate accessories.  The items the feature are Revol dog crate for $245.  It is a collapsible dog crate made of plastic.  They are easy to set up, transport and store.  For $32, you can also purchase a crate training tool.  For $75, they have a memory foam dog crate pad, to make sure your dog is comfortable when he has to be crated.  


The crate is solid and sturdy.  They come in three sizes; small, medium, and large.  It is easy to transport the crate, because it is collapsible.  The lock, without pulley pieces, is dog proof, as far as making it very hard for a dog to get out, and it’s easy to close with one hand. There is a puppy divider to adjust for using it for a puppy; the divider is actually adjustable for when your puppy grows.  The crate also has a standard one year limited warranty.

There is a panel of the crate that lets your dog go in and out of the crate as he likes, it you’re not locking it.  It required not tools to put together.  The crate also has two separate entry doors. Your dog will not get his paws caught, like they do in a wire cage.  Bottom line is that, in general, this sturdy crate is a good investment.

The crate is also easy to clean, because its top opens.


It is harder to stow away because of its larger size.  The wheels don’t help you move the crate too well, you have to pick it up, but the company is working on improving the wheels, so they might be improved by this time already.  It’s not very heavy though.  If your dog is a chewer, take that into consideration, as the crate is made of plastic.  It does cost $245, so take that into consideration.

Bottom Line

This product is a good investment.  From it’s ease of cleaning, and dog proof locks, ease of access for your dog, and its sturdiness, among other things, make this a good investment for $245.  The Diggs crate has a few small flaws, mention above, but is an all in all good product, with a 4.3 rating out of 5.  If you interested in this crate, please click here!





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2 thoughts on “Diggs”

  1. WOW!  This is nice, i love dogs though i dont have one, have been planning on getting one for the family but i dont really have much knowledge about dogs, but from the review the crates are nice and with great features and easy to clean, but the price is kinda high for a plastic crate plus it is harder to stow away because of its larger size, but its still good, it will be better if the price is reduced, thanks for sharing

    • Thank you for your comments about Diggs.  The price is a bit high, but it’s a good product.  Maybe they will have a sale.  You are welcome, have a good night.


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