Darwin’s Natural Dog Food

Today I am review Darwin’s Natural Dog Food by Darwin’s Natural Pet Products.  The food can be customized by the weight of your dog, how often they eat, and the meal type you’d like to get.  Delivery is free. They suggest that you feed them in a non porous bowl, for the health of your dog.


The dog food has no fillers or grains, no confusing labels or hidden ingredients.  The ingredients are USDA inspected for human consumption.  As said above, the delivery is free.  Allergies and skin problems improve on this food, and your dog feels better eating natural food.  They have 5 raw frozen types of dog food.

The flavors are beef, turkey, chicken, duck, and lamb.  In the duck version, the 4 top ingredients are 4 kinds of duck meat from the duck, heart, liver, and gizzards.  It has high protein, 49%.  It has sunflower oil, fish oil, and chelated materials, which make it easier to absorb the protein.  It is rated an above average raw food.

Darwin’s is grain free.  On reviews, the product rates at a 4.8 and 4.9 for overall quality.  They have a specific form of food available for kidney support, which a customer said helped her dog’s kidney health.  Dogs were also reported to have more energy after eating Darwin’s.  It also seems to be a good food to get picky dogs to eat.


The food is high in fat (31%) and low in carbs (8%).  It also has had a couple of incidences of salmonella, which is always a slight risk when you’re dealing with raw food.  It is a little high priced, and can take awhile to arrive.  One person stated that the food arrived was mostly brown, not read.  One source states that samples had pieces of bone, plastic bags, and metal in their food.  For this reason, I leave it up to the consumers to judge this food.

In Sum

Most of the ratings were good.  It is an above average raw dog food, that is healthy and tasty for dogs.  The dog food also comes in a large variety.  If you’d like to purchase this food, click here!

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