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Today, I will be reviewing comfy dog beds by eLuxury, found in the pet section of the website. It is moisture repellent, stain resistant, has a barrier protection that protects the outside from being affected by what’s inside, and has extreme durability.


Other than what eLuxury has above, the beds are comfortable due to the fill and will fit your home’s decor. There is a layer of waterproof material that keeps dirt, pee, etc from getting to the inside fill material. It is tough enough to be machine washed and dried. It was developed with years of research and testing.

It has 7 different styles and colors, as well as three different sizes. The quality of the bed is on par with a bed for humans. It rated a 5 on a scale of 1-5 on durability, style, value and company. Another source rated it as 4.7 overall. Dogs go right to sleep on it, and it is good for their backs. There are no odors, and the latex material bounces back when your dog gets up. Depending on what you get, it costs from $46 to $142.

The lower prices are discounts right now.

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One customer said the water repellent feature didn’t keep the pee away from the center.

Summing Up

eLuxury has a high quality dog bed here, being comfortable, stain resistant, water resistant, and has a tough outer layer. Try one out today, by clicking here!


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