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Today I am going to be looking at the online pet supply Chewy, and taking a look at Chewy Reviews, focusing most on their dog oriented products.  They have 15 main categories for just dogs, and then there are sub-categories under that.  They range from food, to technology, to grooming. The reviews for their products are overall good and so are their prices.

We get a variety of products from Chewy, they are such a versatile company So with no further ado, let’s see what other people say about their products.

Food - Dry Food


The first obvious pro is that Chewy has 15 major categories.  They are:  food, treats, toys, health care, vitamins/supplements, cleaning and potty, crates, pens, and gates, beds, carriers and travel, bowls and feeders, grooming, flea and tick, clothing and accessories, leasher, collars, and harnesses, training and behavior, technology, gifts and books, and memorials and keepsakes.

Of course there are more subcategories under each, but I don’t want to dedicate the whole post to that.

The first thing that stood right out in the reviews is Chewy’s return policy.  They give you your money back and they tell you just to keep it, and give it to a charity.  If you have lost your dog, they also often send you flowers.  I found that particularly touching.Toys - Chew Toys

Also, they have fast shipping.  It normally takes a day or two until the product gets to you.  The Corona Virus has slowed them down a bit, but they still get it out to you as fast as is possible.

If you have any questions about what particular product would be best for your dog, you get someone from Chewy to talk to, and they will point you in the right direction.  They are also reasonably priced, and very easy to order from.  Chewy has so much to choose from that they are likely to have what you need.

Customer service in general is rated high in the reviews, which is a very important part of what any company does.


There were only two cons that I found.  One was a slow shipment of pet meds, that involved some confusion between Chewy and the supplier. The other complaint was an overcharging claim, which didn’t seem to be very rational in their explanation. Beds - Pillow Beds

Wrapping it up

From products to shipping, customer service to reason prices, Chewy is a very good company to work with.  The exceptions to the exceptional service is very rare, as shown in the reviews.  I recommend that you check Chewy out today!

Feel free to leave comments, I will respond!

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4 thoughts on “Chewy Reviews”

  1. Hi Anthony

    Thank you for this interesting review on Chewy and their many products that they supply for dogs. I think they have covered everything that a dog needs for its wellbeing and happiness,and more importantly a content dog will mean a happy owner. I think that quality  and cost are important consideration but this should be decided by the dog and not the owner. I think that every company has struggled because of Covid 19 but this does not distract from how good a company is.

    Does Chewy have an excellent return policy that is better than its competitors?



    • Thank you for your comments.  I find it kind of cool that you say let the dog decide.  How true.  Yes, they do have an excellent return policy.  Yes, they do have and excellent return policy.  In some cases, they even tell you to keep the product and donate it to a shelter or some other dog charity. I’m glad you took the time to respond.

  2. Wow! Having so much categories for only dogs? That is sooo out of the ordinary and chewy is definitely the best I have come across. Wow! This is really a great post and I really appreciate this post here. Chewy is a lot more JD also has a lot more to offer but what I have seen here is good. The review here is massive about chewy. Thanks so much for sharing this here

    • I’m glad you like it.  We use a lot of Chewy products ourselves, and we have always found them very good, with a lot of options.  Amazing isn’t it?  I love the quality Chewy provides.  Thank you very much for your comments!


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