Collie Eye

“Collie Eye” is a group of related eye problems seen primarily in Collies, Australian Sheperds, Border Collies, and Shetland Sheepdog (Shelties).  The problems, which affect the retina and the optic nerve, range from mild to severe.  These abnormalities are visible only with an ophthalmoscope.  Because Collie Eye is so widespread, many breeders have their puppies’ … Read more Collie Eye

Dog Supplements For Health

Today, I will be evaluating dog supplements for health and reviewing Ruff Hero supplements. These supplements have a number of healthy ingredients for your dog. They are glucosamine, probiotics, pumpkin, turmeric, fish oil, phytoplankton, cranberry, and coconut oil. Pros Glucosamine-For joints, hips, and mobility. Probiotics-Helpful bacteria for a healthy stomach. Pumpkin-For anal gland health. Many … Read more Dog Supplements For Health