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I have been privileged to have dogs around me since I was born in 1970. I have a happy memory, when I was three, of hugging my parent’s dog, King, in the back seat of the car. From there I was bonded to dogs for life.

Fast forward to 1986, my brother got a Rottweiler that followed him everywhere. I loved that dog. Like many dogs he loved to play with toys, usually balls. There was so much precious time in my life spent with Caesar. Since then, and several generations of dogs later, I continue to spend a lot of time with my dogs, patting them, playing with them,enjoying quiet company time with them.



Many millions of people over the world have dogs, many of us feel like our dogs are a member of our family.  Some people debate over whether they want to get a dog, how to potty train their pup, what toys should get their dogs.  What breed of dog should I get?  How should I care for my elderly dog?  What if my dog gets sick? When should I see a veternarian?

I have spent my whole nearly fifty years of life in the company of dogs,and I have learned things over the years.  I want to pass it on.  I have three dogs in my household now, and I dearly love them and want to dowhat’s best for them.  I have always been in a helping profession, but I feel now that sharing what wisdom I have about dogs that I have learnedover the years, sometimes the hard way.



Despite the name of my website, onlydogtoys.com, I have decided that I would make this website on various topics about dogs, such as the above questions.  Each article will dive into the world of dogs, occasionally about toys, but more than that.  I want to talk about breeds of dogs, health care, my experiences with dogs, dog history, etc.

I will even consider any requests for topics in my topics section.  I want to broaden the knowledge my audience has of dogs.  I guess I should shut up now and start writing stories, lol.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

A Beatrice


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