A Dog Company Review

Today, I am going to be doing A Dog Company Review.  It has feeders and bowls, bedding and furniture, dog grooming supplies, leashes, travel collection, toys, collars, health and wellness, and more!  A Dog Company is always running some items on sale.



A Dog Company certainly has a wide variety of items, as seen above.  They even have products for different sizes of dogs.  The tennis balls are wrapped in plastic/rubber.  Most items seem to be moderately priced.  I am surprised there are no reviews on this company.  The items appear to be pretty sturdy, except maybe some of the toys.

A toy and a collar that was reviewed both received 5 star ratings.  It also has free shipping.


You might want to keep some of the smaller toys away from larger dogs.  Some of the items could be a bit cheaper, but as I stated above, most items are moderately priced.  As should always be the case, watch your dogs while chewing toys.  No toy is perfect and there is always a chance your dog could inject something.


Based on the spare data I had access to, A Dog Co appears to have quality products at moderate prices.  If you would like to check out this online store with tons of variety, click here!

2 thoughts on “A Dog Company Review”

  1. Hi Tonu

    It is always good to get the opinion  on products and companies from people who have actually used them. It is not s company that I am aware of and therefore it comes as no surprise to know that no review was written about this company. It looks like they have everything that a dog owner would need for their precious pooch. One thing that concerns me is the amount of plastics they use, as we need to reduce the amount of plastic going to land fill. Do you know of any companies that are doing this?



    • Thank you for your comments.  Unfortunately, sometimes no reviews can be found.  New companies have to start this way.  If I tried all the products I review, I’d be broke, and have things that I don’t need.  Unfortunately, the companies I have reviewed all have had plastic, when plastic is available.  You are right, there is something that needs to be done about plastics, but I don’t see anybody taking the lead.


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